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     Charles Garamond (1480-1451) studied the art of the punch cutter under Antoine Augerau. He worked with Geoffrey Troy until around 1530 when he established an independent type foundry. Garamond was the first punch cutter to work individually, not depending on printing firms.
     The closer word spacing and the harmony of design between lowercase, capitals and italics, along with the design of the letters which were now designed as metal types made books more beautiful and legible. The greek typeface he designed for Francis I, the grecs dy roi, was the imitation of the Angelos Vergetios' (a greek scholar of the period) handwriting.
     Charles Garamond's Roman typefaces were a major influence. His typeface was in use until the late 1700's and, with the exception of Germany, where the gothic fonts were still the dominant typefaces, his typefaces played an important part in establishing the roman fonts as the standard.
     His designs were used by the printers of the Estienne family, Plantin, Colines and Bodoni, while the types used by the Elzevir family of Holland were based on his designs. Many modern types carry his name but are based on types that were mistakenly attributed to him.
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